September 12, 2008 Ian Luke Kane

Funniest Pie Chart EVER

(Image by wadem)

(Image by wadem)

I mean, how can you argue with this?

song chart memes

UPDATE: Thanks to ll for finding attribution for this image. It comes from GraphJam, and the pie chart is here. The author is Jamie Schimley. I’m looking forward to browsing through more hilarity at this link.

ORIGINAL: Thanks to for this one. You should check them out. They’ve got some great stuff posted. I’m not sure where this picture originates, but it certainly made me laugh out loud. If anyone has further attribution on this photo, let me know. It’s truly hilarious.

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    • lol, jon, you made me laugh!

      AdArena is run by Radovan Grezo, which is me, btw.
      it didn’t credit the pie chart to me, I posted the thing on the blog.

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  4. Ian Luke Kane

    ll, I am certainly not interested in stealing things. Hence the question in the original post asking about the original author. Thank you for letting me know. I’ve updated the post to include correct attribution.

  5. Jamie

    I’m “the” Jamie. I didn’t create this graph either. I just submitted it to GraphJam. I’m not sure who made it, but I somehow wound up with credit for it.

    To whoever actually made this graph: I’m not trying to steal your thunder. I promise. In fact, when you Google my name, there are two things that come up. My Facebook, and a bunch of people’s blog posts on this graph. I’d like to take my name off of this graph if I could, but I think it’s too late…

  6. Phil Dubuc

    Hilarious. You finally found a legitimate use for a pie chart. Funny enough, found this site while searching for legitimate pie charts in Google.

    For those in my situation who didn’t plan on looking for non comic pie charts, try the National Center for Education website chart or ChartGo graph They’re both pretty useful.

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