Sound Math and the Bible

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I’m usually quite interested in the attempts of individuals to apply math to the Bible, and the Church Hopping blog has a fun little article about some people that are actually using interesting mathematical principles on the text of the Bible. Check it out.

UPDATE: Daniel from the Logos Blog has contacted me about a great post over on that site. As he said, “Thought you might be interested in today’s Logos Blog post looking at The Top 50 People in the Bible and using the IBM Many Eyes visualization. Cool thing is that anyone can play around with the charts and data…” Check it out here.

(Image by jared)

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  1. Josh Cason says:

    Hey Luke,

    I keep running across your blog. We must have like interests. Anyway, This time I’ll just tell you where to look if you haven’t already found out. The Trinity Foundation’s website has, I believe, over a hundred articles in Christian theology and philosophy. There are also free MP3 lectures. The Foundation is run by one John Robbins who was a associate of Gordon Clark who I told you about last time. Gordon Clark is the common denominator among the many authors contributing there. The reason I posted this second comment is because on the website in the article archive you can find one entitled “Math and the Bible.” It has something to do with identifying the axioms of math in the Bible. Clark’s “God and Logic” is also available there which has a similar goal, but with logic in mind. And since last time I whetted your appetite for the problem of evil, check out these three: “The Sovereignty of God,” “Determinism and Responsibility,” and “A Biblical Theodicy.” I hope you enjoy, I sure have.

    Til next time!

  2. Monica says:

    Personally I think-though I,m not a specialist-that the Holy Bible- SOMEHOW-is a zippped file including: biogenetics,chemistry,quantic physics and latests discoveries(genoma ).The more science progresses,the sentences found in the Bible,became clear.I dream about writing and searching about this but I’m a simple teacher who likes reading.

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